Paranormal Events

The Former HMP Ashwell has held a number of Paranormal Events over the last 12 months, from large companies to small private investigations.

The site was originally a WW2 staging post and Army Base for the 82nd Airborne prior to their deployment to Normandy, following WW2 the base continued to be used by the Military until 1955 when it became a Category D (Open Prison) in 1987 it was turned into a Category C closed establishment and further development happened throughout the following years up until 2009.

In 2009 a Riot took place which lasted for over 18 hours and made 75% of the prison uninhabitable, the prison officially closed its doors in 2011.

There are 14 recorded “Death In Custodies” at HMP Ashwell between the years of 1978-2009 upon its closure,

Various strange things have been reported by both groups attending the venue and by people attending the venue for other activities, from crying Children, being punched, scratched and strange smells along with flashing Lights and strange feelings of foreboding.

We highly recommend a visit to the site prior to any booking and we are happy to facilitate this. We are on site every Wednesday and try to arrange visits on this date wherever possible, however pending bookings we can arrange visits on any days of the week with enough notice.

All bookings gain full access to the only remaining wings of the Prison, for your sole use, with access from the hours of 19:00-03:00, the site can easily cater for in excess of 80 guests if required and this is solely limited by your own requirements on the evening, we also have no issue with the use of Ouija Boards, Séance, Rud0lph etc.

We also cater for small Paranormal Groups up to a maximum of 15 people (including staff) groups may choose to bring fewer than 15 guests, however, the price does still remain the same at our minimum rate.  All groups and Companies must have their own full public liability insurance and a fully qualified first aider present.

You may investigate up until 3am as part of the normal fee however anything past this time must be negotiated when booking the venue.

A Part payment of 20% of booking fee is required to confirm your booking and no bookings are confirmed until this part payment is received. The outstanding balance is due 4 weeks prior to the event taking place.

We provide a minimum of 1 member of staff for all events booked, these will be to provide security and be present throughout the duration of the event and can provide access to the areas you team requires including electricity etc.

We understand that all groups offer their guests Tea & Coffee as part of the event and due to this we provide a Water boiler for your use, we also have a small shop on site selling soft drinks, Chocolate, Torches etc… if required.

If you have any further questions or your company/group are wishing to book the Former HMP Ashwell for a Paranormal Event contacting us for pricing information at or Phone 07976457602.