Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not here feel free to contact us here.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a military style game, run on a similar lines to Paintball, the differences being that Airsoft uses 6mm Plastic BB’s as projectiles and is based on an honesty system, rather than a paint mark as per Paintball. Players are generally split into 2 teams and spend the event doing a mixture of games from Defend/Attack, Escort, Seek & Destroy etc.

Using Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF’s) to fire the BB’s, these weapons being called Airsoft Guns, more powerful and accurate than cheap Market Stall versions, they are accurate up 50 meters and have the ability to fire both single shot and fully automatic (however The Gaol Events is a Semi Auto only site)

Starting in the 1980’s in Japan the Hobby/Sport of Airsoft has grown across the World with over 250 sites in the UK alone.

Does The Gaol Events have insurance/policies in place?

We have third party public liability insurance.
All our food is prepared by Food Hygiene trained staff, within a registered Kitchen.
Trained first aiders available on site.
Health and Safety risk assessments.
Child Protection Policy.
Registered under Environmental Health.
All Senior Staff are CRB checked.

Will I be required to fill any paperwork in?

On booking in you will be signing to state you have Read and understood the Insurance waiver and understand your position within this. Insurance waivers are available around the safe zone to read and on the website.

Minimum Age?

Weekend Game Days min age is 16yr Old

Wednesday and private bookings min age is 13yrs Old

Do I have to be a member?

No, there is no requirement for you to join The Gaol Events to play at our site.

How do I book to play/book a Hire Package?

For all bookings you can use our booking form on the website, all Hire Guns require payment IN FULL per booking. A deposit of £15 is required to book for weekend game days as Walk On spaces with your own equipment (increasing to £20 from Oct 2021)

What will I need to play?

Our hire packages includes everything for a day’s play, this includes:

  • Game fee
  • Gun hire
  • Face mask 3000 bb’s
  • Lunch

All of the above for £50 a day. (increasing to £60 per day Oct 2022)

If I bring my own camo/face mask do I get a discount on hire gun package?

No. The hire gun package price is for the hire of the gun and bb’s. 3LF

Can I use a Two Tone gun at The Gaol Events?

Yes, we have no issue with players using Two Tone weapons on site.

Do you allow full Auto on site?

Yes however this is solely for Dedicated Support Weapons, all other weapons on site are solely Semi Auto/Single Shot.

Can I use my own BB’s

If you have your own equipment yes you can use your own bb’s, we require all players to use our supplied BB’s in the hire equipment.

What guns do you offer for hire?

We have the following guns available:

  • AK47 Spetznaz
  • AK74
  • UMP
  • G36c
  • Glock 17 GBB Pistol

Do I have to pay for any breakages or damage to my hired items?

Only malicious damage will be charged as accidents are accepted.

Do you have Charging facilities on site?

Yes we have Charging Facilities on site and the safe zone is within a building complete with power points for your use.

Can I bring my own Pyro?

We allow the use of pyrotechnics up to a MAX of MK4, BFG, TRMR, SWAT VTG Etc 9mm max.

Smoke grenades are allowed outside buildings ONLY and any make or model are fine.

We DO NOT allow Mk5’s, Ball or Pea grenades on site, TAG Products and Thunder B Grenades are also not allowed. Anyone found using these items on site will be instantly escorted from the venue.

What else will I need for a day’s play?

We highly recommend:

  • A pair of sturdy boots
  • Gloves
  • Hat of your choice
  • Torch

Are refreshments available?

We offer breakfast from 08:00-10:00 and hot and cold Drinks from 50p all day, also Chocolate bars from 70p (we strongly recommend you do not drink the tap water on site, this is upon a recommendation from Rutland County Council)

Lunch meal only is included within the game fee on Weekends, however food is available on Wednesday Evening games at an extra charge.

Can we bring our own refreshments (food/drink)?


Are there toilet facilities available?

We have male and female flushing toilets on site.

Is there parking available?

We have parking for 200+ cars within the Oakham Enterprise Park

What are the timings for the day start and finish?

Players are allowed on site from 0800hrs onwards with safety brief starting at 0930hrs prompt. We ask all hire packages to be on site for 0900hrs for gun brief. Games day finishes between 1600hrs-1630hrs.
1600hrs for collection of players from site.

Wednesday Evening games Gates open from 17:00 with safety Brief at 18:00, players may arrive up until 19:00 and will be briefed separately whilst the games have started. Endex is approx. 21:30

Can I visit the site prior to booking?

Yes, anyone is welcome to visit the site on open days. Please make yourself known to Charlotte in the site Kitchen/shop on arrival

Do you cater for private parties, stag parties, hen parties or corporate events?

If you wish to attend on a normal open day there are no minimum player requirements, although for groups of 10 or more hires we do require a deposit of £10 per player to secure the guns for the game day, please use our contact form or ring for details
If you request a private day for your group alone a minimum of 15 players are required for both an evening or weekend game date, prices are £30 a head for walk on players and £50 for hire players on weekends, with Wednesday being £15 a head for walk on and £25 for hires. NO FOOD IS INCLUDED for private hire but is charged at an extra cost per person if required.

Can I buy a gun on the day?

Current legislation requires a person to prove a legitimate reason for purchasing a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm).
This legislation states that no one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase a RIF and anyone over the age of 18 must have a legitimate reason to do so ie: be a registered member of an Airsoft site.
We currently offer UKARA registration with our membership, this requires a player to have played Airsoft 3 times in no less than 12wks. Following this period a player can gain UKARA registration and purchase RIF’s.
Please see for further information.