Escape from the Gaol

£50.00 8 hours

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Open every other Sunday and EVERY Wednesday Evening The Gaol offers intense CQB Airsoft and Urban gaming in the unique environment of a former Prison. From up close and personal moving Cell to Cell, sneaking around in the darkened wings or in the open surrounded by Razor wire topped Security Fencing, The Gaol has it all…..

All our buildings are multiple levels, with many access points and a large amount of rooms to add to the players enjoyment.

This together with a large number of the Cells still having furniture within them adding to the sense of running around an active prison environment.


Facilities on site include a fully equipped canteen offering Hot & Cold Drinks & Hot Food through the day, along side electric charging points, Male and Female Flushing Toilets, together with an on site shop offering a selection of Airsoft essentials and enough parking for over 200 cars…. we also accept all major Credit and Debit Cards.


AEG/Shotgun/Pistol 350fps

DMR 400fps OUTDOOR USE ONLY (min Engagement Distance of 20m)

Bolt Action 500 OUTDOOR USE ONLY (min Engagement Distance of 20m)

Game Fees

Prices are as follows:-

Weekend Games

    • Weekend games start at 8:00 am and run until 16:30. Safety brief is at 9.30 and all hire kit must be collected by 9am
    • Walk On £35 with £15 deposit payable via the website here
    • Walk On Member £30 with £15 deposit payable via the website here
    • Hire Gun £50 (includes Gun, Mag, Mask, 3000 BB’s, Game Fee and Lunch Meal) (Deposit of £10 per player is payable on booking with remaining £40 per player to be paid upon arrival) with £15 deposit payable via the website here

Wednesday Evening Games

  • Wednesday Evening Games booking as per our Sunday Game Days, these will run from 17:00 – 21:30 with Food available from 17:00 (at an extra Charge)  these will take place every week.

    Safety Brief is at 18:00 Gr1nch

    Pricing for Wednesday Evening games.

    • £20 per player (No Member Discount)
    • Hire equipment £25 to include all BB’s and Gas and Game Fee (Deposit of £10 per player is payable on booking with remaining £20 per player to be paid upon arrival)

    These games are Gas and Spring only games (NO AEG’S), Pistol Only or Pistol and Shotgun only, please see our booking dates for info of specific nights.

Booking Info

Due to the nature of the site our MINIMUM AGE is 16 Years Old, with anyone booking in who appears to be this age requiring appropriate Photo Identification to enable access on the day attending.

Booking the Sunday Games at The Gaol can be made via the website booking form, payments for Hire Gun Deposits are accepted via PayPal at please state names of players who are requiring Hire guns on the PayPal transaction.

Wednesday games, booking can be made via the website booking form.


Membership at The Gaol is £40 per year this provides you with £5 discount at each of our sites, you will also be added to our mailing list to be given Priority Booking for all our special events (including Weekend Games etc) and 10% Discount at Hueys Tactical Gear, this also now includes Member benefits at Lincolnshire Airsoft Club (LAC) and Skirmish Leicester please ensure you take your membership card with you when attending either sites.
UKARA Registration will also be included as part of the Membership for all those that meet the criteria see UKARA for more details or speak to ourselves when joining.
All personal information that you give us during registration will never be divulged to a third party without your permission as per the DATA Protection Act.

Booking instructions

  1. Select the date you require
  2. Select the 8.30am time slot
  3. Select the number of players required
  4. Click Book

Please Note: A maximum of 10 slots can be ordered per booking. If you require more than 10, please put through multiple bookings.


A £25 deposit will be taken per player slot.

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Escape From The Gaol

In 2025, following a 400% increase in crime after Brexit, the United Kingdom government has turned Rutland into a giant maximum-security prison. A 50-foot (15 m) containment wall surrounds the County, and routes out of the area have been dismantled or mined, while armed helicopters patrol the borders, and all prisoners there are sentenced to life, with no means of leaving.

Gangs roam the county, setting up areas of control, with The Duke being the Kingpin for the whole Prison populace.

Prisoners trying to make a living and survive have set up shops, bars etc. However there are no laws in The Gaol, violence is rife across the county, it is dog eat dog and survival of the fittest.

in 2030 The Prime Ministers plane is Hijacked and Crashed outside of the Rutland Boundary, an escape pod believed to contain the Prime Minister has gone down in the Prison, all attempts to rescue him have been unsuccessful, it is believed that The Duke has him somewhere within his stronghold outside of Oakham. It is believed that there are negotiations taking place for The Dukes release in return for the Ministers life, but this is unconfirmed.

The Game premise.

Can you take control of the Minister and arrange the release for your Gang, or take over control of the Prison for yourselves and overthrow the Duke. Maybe as a revolutionary you want to execute the Minister for the world to see..

This will be every gang for themselves, it can be of any size etc with a max player base of 50 players… so playing as a lone wolf is an option, to barter for work or aid other gangs in completing tasks and or defeating gangs.

Ammo Limits

You will start with a limited amount of ammo of 100 rnds in Pistols, Shotguns. More ammo and access to your heavy weapons (rifles) will need to be bought at the armourer on site. Pyro will be strictly limited for the event, however smokes will be fine.


Prices for the event will be £50 per person, there will be NO Breaks for this, so this will not include food.. However we are debating food options on the day for players wishing to purchase them.

Booking is to go live later this week, with a £25 deposit to secure your booking, please enter your gangs name in the booking so we can ascertain gang sizes and teams etc..

Also have a think about costumes/kit and or even your gangs role, shop keeper, drug dealer, Hooch seller etc, etc so much to consider..

If you haven’t played our Themed events before they do require a certain amount of role-play, so please bare this in mind prior to booking..