Gang Themed Day

GANG THEME DAY – 1st July 2017

 10am Gates open for a 11:30 start with endex at 6pm.

Pricing is £45 for the day and spaces are strictly limited. (£20 deposit paid via PayPal and £25 paid on the day)

Food will be a packed lunch you will be issued on arrival as we will have no breaks, please be mindful  when considering booking this event shooting time may be very sporadic as this will be far away from a skirmish day and lots of roleplay elements.

Gang Theme Day Information (Expand for more Information)

Downtown Broakham

Broakham City is the battle ground for 4 up and coming gangs all vying to be top of the tree, with Downtown taken over by small time crooks and petty criminals, the police have a thankless task of trying to maintain law and order.

In the Middle of Downtown sits a little office space, known as The Continental.

Within its walls the guests to the business are free to trade and deal without any form of harm coming their way as per the VERY strict Continental Laws. This also hold the office of the Armourer and The Banker, a secretive individual who has laundered and moved money for many of the biggest underground organisations in the world. Contract Killers also can be found here, their sole aim to make as much money from the Gang War erupting around them.

The Gangs

6 players maximum, named and themed by your team, from Biker gang, Cartel to Hillbilly Moonshiners,  it’s for you to decide on the name and theme of your team’s gang.

Gangs will start with solely Pistols and Shotguns, and an amount of Cash to spend on items to increase or improve your gang’s status, your AEG’s will be with the Armourer in the Continental, and they can be purchased should you have made the money to do so, increasing your gangs status and threat level.

All Gangs will need to supply a back story for their gang include a mugshot and list of precons etc for the police to hold, the Gang leader will have to be identified as they will be the only one who can authorise hits and spend any money etc on the gangs behalf, if your leader is killed, he will regen as a normal grunt and the Continental will need to be informed of the new leaders identity to ensure the above can be continued.

Contract Killers

These will be individuals who are solely wanting to earn as much money as possible by completing contracts, there services can be bought by any gang, they can also feed info to gangs etc for money so as a Mercenary they have little honour to any employer unless they are being payed. (they can only have one contract at any one time)

Police Dept

Marshals roles for the day will be taking the roles of Police Dept and petty crooks… There will be up to 6 police Officers and a Police Station their role is to investigate the gangs etc and if they gather enough intel can raid them and confiscate or arrest gang members, (killing a policeman brings a lot of heat onto a gang and no one will work for them for at least 1 hour also it will be the police officers sole duty to harass the gang for the remainder of the day as they are ‘cop killers’) also they will be patrolling the rough streets of Broakham and blocks of ‘Flats’ so being seen with weaponry will also bring down the full force of the law..

Petty Crooks

Petty crooks can be coerced into your gang to bring in extra income, or robbed (taxed) of their goods, however they can then hold grudges and inform on your activities to other gangs etc. or they can be purchased from or sold too, as they are a regular source of goods and money from there street crimes.

Ammo & Grenades

Ammo will be restricted to only mags and limited to 100 rounds carried at any one time, this restriction can be paid to be increased if your gang makes the money to do so.

No grenades will be allowed unless they are purchased again as above. With restrictions to the amount you will have access too, as they draw huge attention from the police.

Contract Killers will be able to start with access to a selection of their kit, pending the contract they have chosen, it will cost money to change guns as after each hit they will be (CRUSHED) to ensure the guns are ‘clean’

Police will have access to EVERYTHING weapon wise.

Petty crooks will have pistols or revolvers/shotguns only..

Gang Booking A x 6 places

Gang Booking B x 6 places

Gang Booking C x 6 places

Gang Booking D x 6 places

Contract Killers Booking